Important Details and Features You Don't Want to Overlook When Buying a New Car

Posted on: 5 June 2017

If you're in the market for a new car, you may know to check the gas mileage, towing capacity, and its overall comfort and handling. However, there are some important details and seemingly minor features that you also want to consider before you buy that new car, as these can make the car a better fit for you and your everyday driving habits. Note a few of those details and features here so you know you'll be happy with your car for years to come.

If you have a family

To keep the family safe, look for rear seat belt sensors. These will signal if a seat belt in the back is unlatched, which is very important when you're driving with children. Seat belts keep children safe and child seats secure only when properly latched, and it's very easy for children to unlatch them without a parent knowing!

Front cameras and sensors are also important; you may think to look for rear cameras in a vehicle, but consider how easy it is for a child to run into a driveway or for you to lose track of a bouncing ball when pulling into the garage. Those front cameras and sensors can keep you and your children as safe as possible.

For rough roads

If you tend to drive on rough roads—and this can include your own gravel driveway—you should check the suspension of the vehicle. Driving over any rougher surface can mean added wear and tear on the shocks and springs of the suspension, especially if your vehicle often carries added weight, such as sporting goods and gear on the roof. Shop for a heavy-duty suspension and thicker springs for a more comfortable ride and to reduce wear and tear on the steering, struts and tie rods.


If you tend to buy a new car every few years, or if you know you'll want a new car within a few years, don't overlook the potential resale value of your new car. Some cars are very pricey because they offer a number of features that may not appeal to a wide range of buyers, such as sports tyres or Bluetooth capability, so you won't recoup much of those costs when you resell the car. On the other hand, a car with great gas mileage that is known for its durability will probably get a higher resale price. Balance the features you want with the features that other buyers will want if you know you'll be reselling your car anytime soon.