Overlooked Car Maintenance Tasks that Could Lead to Costly Repairs

Posted on: 14 June 2017

The idea of car maintenance usually brings to mind oil changes and tire pressure checks. These aren't the only car maintenance tasks that you should be concerned with. In fact, the misconception is that what maintenance you don't do, the oil change will catch. The truth is there are a few overlooked car maintenance tasks that could lead to costly repairs. Here are those tasks and what you need to know about each one.

Wheel Alignment and Rotation

One of the tasks that is commonly overlooked with routine car maintenance is wheel alignment and rotation. You may not think about this as being an issue or a concern to reduce costly repairs. When your wheels are not aligned and tires are not rotated on a routine basis, it causes wear and tear on the tires on just one portion instead of an even distribution of breakdown. This can lead to a blown tire and even issues with the rims of the tires. This could mean replacing all four tires, which depending on your car, could be very costly. You may also find that you have issues with brakes and other related issues as well. Alignment and rotation should occur at least annually.

Transmission Servicing

Transmissions are one of the more costly repairs that you may face with your car. You can increase the life of your transmission by doing routine servicing such as having your transmission flushed and checked. This should be done at least every 100,000 miles. If you notice that the transmission fluid is very dark, then you may need to have the transmission fluid changed and the transmission flushed sooner. You should check your transmission fluid and levels at least once a month. If you aren't sure how to do this, consult your manual or a mechanic.

Fuel System Checks

When you think about your fuel system, you likely think of just making sure you don't run too low on fuel and that you are using the right fuel for the vehicle. In addition to this knowledge, you should also be cleaning the fuel system. You can do this with a fuel system cleaning solution that is added directly to the tank, usually with a full tank of gas. This cleaner works with the fuel and works through your fuel injectors and other aspects of the system to help keep the system clean and from getting jammed up with fuel residue. If this is not done, you may face having to have your fuel injectors professionally cleaned or, even more costly and time consuming, fuel system repaired and replaced. 

By keeping these in mind and maintaining these tasks, you can reduce the chances of costly repairs or other issues.