4 Things You Need to Check During Your First Car Service

Posted on: 6 June 2022

After importing or buying your car, you must ensure it's well taken care of as soon as possible. Doing this ensures you have a trouble-free driving experience every time you are using your car. This post discusses four things you need to check when taking your vehicle for its first car service. Read on to learn more. 

Get Your Vehicle Inspected 

Before any car service, it's imperative to take your car to a trustworthy mechanic for a thorough mechanical and electrical inspection. Such an inspection helps determine the health of your vehicle. Mechanics usually schedule the inspection in the auto garage to assess the drive train and suspension system for potential wear and tear. Additionally, they check your car's shock absorbers, bushes, arms etc. 

When it comes to electrical inspection, the mechanic inserts an onboard diagnostic kit that checks the functionality of critical sensors in the engine, including airflow, fuel systems, exhaust and many other essential parameters. After the inspection, your mechanic compiles a diagnostic report showing the condition of your vehicle and indicating the details of parts or components to be replaced.  

Initial Service Kit 

After purchasing your car, it's imperative to open a file for your car, aggregating service costs. The primary service often involves lube change, oil replacement ATF, air filters, brake pads and spark plugs. While this service takes longer, it's highly essential to keep your car running efficiently. 

Shock Absorber Replacement

If your mechanic recommends changing shocks, always go for heavy-duty shocks from a reputable manufacturer. Avoid using cheap aftermarket parts that deteriorate after a short while. If you intend to increase your car height, opt for heavy-duty coil springs and not spacers since they have a significant impact on your car's centre of gravity. Typically, your auto insurer won't offer coverage for non-OEM spacers fitted on your vehicle. 

Body Treatment

The importation of the cars is sometimes a lengthy process that takes longer than expected. If this happens, your car might change colour or rust due to oxidation. For this reason, you might need your auto mechanic to perform body treatment, including repainting and buffing the car using an appropriate anti-oxidant compound to ensure the car looks as good as new. 

These are the four essential things you need to check during your first car service to ensure your car is running efficiently and in good condition. However, it's imperative to work with a dependable and reputable auto shop to enjoy excellent results.  

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