Bull Bar Styles or the First-time Buyer

Posted on: 11 December 2018

Do you have a thing for robust all-wheel drive vehicles that can take on a rough road? Well, you certainly need to equip your car for the tough job it will be doing every time you go for an adventure. You will encounter a number of challenging off-road conditions that won't be so friendly to your vehicle. Bull bars are a necessity for anyone that loves taking their vehicle deep into the wild. They protect your vehicle when you take hits against steep roadsides, tall rocks and stray animals running around in the bush. Automotive dealers make and install them in various styles to suit your needs. Here is a look at the various bull bar installation styles you can choose from.

• Bumper Bar

Naturally, vehicle bumpers have little weight compared to other parts on the vehicle. Manufacturers often use them to shed off extra weight on the front part of the car, enhancing engine efficiency and fuel economy. Most bumpers are not strong enough to stand up to the impact of collisions in off-road conditions. You can offer the most elementary protection to your bumper and stock fender (frame around the wheel front wheels of the vehicle) using a bumper bar.

• Nudge Bar

Nudge bars are a form of beautification bull bars. However, they also work well against light impacts. You can choose a nudge bar if you use the car off-road occasionally and in places where the conditions are not so dire. During installation, the bull bar dealer will not mount it on the frame or chassis of the vehicle, unlike other types of bull bars. 

• Triple Hoop Bull Bars

Triple hoop bull bars are the ultimate protectors for any vehicle that will face the toughest conditions in the wild. The triple hoop combines one bull bar hoop covering the vehicle's grill to keep the radiator safe. Additionally, the design includes two hoops going over the headlamps to protect against hits that will damage the headlamp glass. On the downside, opting for triple loop bull bars comes at the expense of a very heavy vehicle front. It is suitable for big all-wheel-drive vehicles that can bear the weight of a heavy-duty bull bar. 

• Baja Bars

Baja bars are another styling option you can select. They resemble nudge bars only in that the mechanics will fit them on the frame of the vehicle for added strength and support. Baja bars deliver the best compromise between size, weight and functionality.